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...Отрывистые и сиплые голоса дикарей, как и прежде, раздавались совсем близко. До них было метров пятьдесят, но из-за высокой травы, укрывавшей от взора скаута всё кроме неба и горных вершин, можно было увидеть только нечёткие силуэты человеческих тел, да и то, лишь когда ветер пригибал к земле упругие желтые стебли. "Не хватало еще, чтоб они на ночь лагерем встали" - Макс приподнял голову, но тут же вновь припал к земле.

В нескольких метрах от него высилась зловещая фигура "пожирателя", одетого в массивный панцирь, состоявший из нескольких пластин брони, закреплённых на кевларовой основе с множеством истрёпанных ремней утягивавших броню так, чтобы она удобно лежала на мощном торсе...

Дикарь что-то рявкнул и пошел прочь. Похоже, он дал своим троглодитам команду отходить к реке, поскольку речь их становилась всё тише и сливалась теперь с шумом воды.

Макс не знал, сколько у него времени. Он не знал, уходят дикари или просто продолжат свои поиски чуть поодаль. Он знал лишь то, что ему нужны медикаменты, зашитые в поясной сумке парня, об имени которого он так и не удосужился расспросить.

Скаут ритмично пополз вперёд и уже метров через пятьдесят налетел на...

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Press-release (eng)

Information about release of new IT product -

Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk real-time strategy browser game - LOT: Legacy of the Times!

Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk real-time strategy browser game - LOT: Legacy of the Times!

The original idea of the game was born in 2013 as a response to the participants of the game IT- market, stamping faceless clones of the games from the early 2000’s with obsolete design and interface, weak graphics and animation performance, sluggish game play and boring game world. Our young team of programmers required about two years of hard work to develop a fundamentally new product – a game, setting a new direction in social video games, and focused on the needs of the players who have spent their time and money, but have not received anything in return, except for gaming excitement.

«Legacy of the Times» is a completely new product of a kind. First of all, this is the first Game in the series of the world universe «Legacy of the Times», followed by other game projects, unified by a common philosophy of the post-apocalyptic virtual world, its religion - if we may, bright fantasy setting, original characters and exciting event line. Based on this game literature and art works, comics have already been created, toys for the young fans of the world are being designed, animated TV series are planned to be released, conducting of gaming events and conferences among the fans is planned.

Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk real-time strategy browser game - LOT: Legacy of the Times!

During the process of development of the product and preparation for its release we have created and patented logos and trademarks used in the Game. This was done partly to create a recognizable brand of the Game, its popularization and promotion as an umbrella brand for a number of goods and services. At the moment we are working closely with a number of advertising agencies, conducted negotiations and development to create branded souvenirs for fans of the Universe, which will be sold via an internet shop «Legacy of the Times». This way of gaming Universe development seems the best one for us, and here we are relying on the experience of such successful projects as Angry Birds, Star Wars, Marvel Universe.

But le’s return to the Game play essence!

The game was specifically designed as a browser game to avoid downloading large volumes of software on user's hard drive to run the game. The priority for the development was to create an exciting game with the ability to play in ANY known social networks (Vkontakte, Mail.ru, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, own browser based platform). At the same time, the developers had an important task - to realize the gameplay so that the players would have received a quick opportunity to run the game through the Internet connection even with a weak speed of data send/receive. An important and necessary condition for the implementation of the project was a fast, high-quality, beautiful and stylistically expressed graphics component of the game, because a huge competition in the market of games and the increasing demands on the part of experienced players to games, leave most outdated and mediocre projects on the sidelines of the IT-market.

Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk real-time strategy browser game - LOT: Legacy of the Times!

The game was originally conceived as a military strategy with the social elements of economics, and was addressed to the players in the segment 16+. However, during the alpha and beta testing on several social platforms, after identification, fixing of bugs and opinion survey of the players, developers created and realized a new Game concept. The age limit for the players has been revised and significantly lowered (up to 12+), which has led to a significant increase in the number of potential consumers. The game was amended by the latest animation, graphics and sound elements. This is achieved due to enlargement of the team by the best IT creative designers, animators and programmers from countries of Southeast Asia and India. The game’s engine, following the wishes of the fans, has been substantially revised and supplemented in the direction of using animation technology of 3-D battlefield, and at the moment the Game is a fusion of two gaming areas: social military-economic strategy and real-time 3-Daction-battle. Such significant changes have resulted in a complete remake of all game avatars-characters (units), opened new opportunities for the players and maximum expanded the monetary part of the Game.

Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk real-time strategy browser game - LOT: Legacy of the Times!

So, to the moment of release, the developers had an explosive social game, with well-designed combat system, a huge strategic and tactical functionality, vivid characters, attracting post-apocalyptic world, and fundamentally new monetary scheme. And the special attention shall be paid to the monetary scheme! Playing the Game «Legacy of the Times», a player has a lot of opportunities to spend personal funds, for example: to improve the quality of a personal game, level up avatars- units, create advantages for himself/herself and his/her colleagues and most comfortable stay in the virtual world. However, engaging in clashes, a player gets a unique opportunity to make real money in the Game. This feature is implemented in the gameplay, and alliance events, in case his/her alliance wins a round. In addition, the game was added with the strategy developed by us to earn bonuses for the players and game currency. A player can achieve it as a result of interaction with advertising vendors of the Games.

To withdraw earned and won game currency, the developers created the online shop connected with the Game, where the players can select and purchase a virtually unlimited range of goods from the companies - partners of the Games. Additionally the withdrawal of game currency is foreseen by means of bank transfer to e-wallets of the players or plastic gift cards.

Наследие Времен - браузерная постапокалипсис киберпанк стратегия с управляемым 3-D боем и реальными призами!

One of the further major addition to the Game is a plan to bring a new element-Arena, with the help of which we plan to increase the number of the Game fans, it will raise the degree of excitement and implement a new scheme of earning game currency for the players. In fact, the Game will become a competition platform like Party Poker or Pokerist. For us, as developers, this upgrade will be a great opportunity to implement monetization of the Game, and thus to obtain greater profits.

We plan to host the Game on Odnoklassniki and Facebook platforms. The next step in development is translation of the Game to the languages of the largest countries of the world (English, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, German), and its localization in these countries. Establishment of own browser-server with advanced features for the players, launching high-speed servers are awaited. Tablet version of the Game «Legacy of the Times» is being released soon. It is planned to release the version of the Game for Android and iOS.

We invite all interested parties to mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of IT. We are ready to consider both the creation of new IT products and sales of already completed projects (their shares or franchises for localization in different countries). We are looking for investment in our projects.

Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk real-time strategy browser game - LOT: Legacy of the Times!

Bright peculiarities of our Game which distinguish it among the competitors:

  1. Two unique game races and characters, offering a variety of strategies to achieve victory to the players. Variability - a player can achieve success in different ways.
  2. A deep dive into the atmosphere of the Game world, the constant support of the game, different versions of the plot ending within one round on the server, quest support for the players.
  3. The Game offers a serious challenge for the most of the players and provides them with all the tools for realization of the most original strategies. A strategic talent in this game means much more than the number of troops and the amount of resources. We offer flexible, economics and combat systems, which will allow the players to approach the solution of the same problem from different angles.
  4. Interesting system of scientific and economic development.
  5. Simple and addictive 3-Daction combat system with in real-time with the function of automatic and direct battle control.
  6. Opportunities to accelerate the processes and influence on the development of your empire.
  7. The opportunity to win a real cash prize.
  8. The opportunity to earn game currency and withdraw it through the online shop of the Game publisher in the form of real goods (appliances, electronics, etc.) and services (tours, trips, special offers, etc.)
  9. Large opportunities for a team play: alliance technologies, alliance construction, bonuses and much more! In our Game an alliance is not just a number of disparate players, but a separate subject of the game that requires constant interaction between the players.
  10. Real life communication within the Game with interesting people, a joint leisure activities and participation in club events.

Post-apocalyptic cyberpunk real-time strategy browser game - LOT: Legacy of the Times!

"LOT: Наследие Времен"

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